stroke1 [ strouk ] noun count **
▸ 1 medical condition
▸ 2 unexpected event
▸ 3 a hit with hand/object
▸ 4 in swimming/rowing
▸ 5 when lightning hits something
▸ 6 hour sound of clocks
▸ 7 single pen/brush mark
▸ 8 hand movement
▸ 9 slash mark (/)
1. ) a medical condition in which blood is suddenly blocked and cannot reach the brain, or in which a BLOOD VESSEL in the brain breaks, often causing a loss of the ability to speak or to move particular muscles:
have/suffer a stroke: The face was partly paralyzed after she suffered a stroke.
2. ) an unexpected but important event or action:
a stroke of luck/good fortune: Winning the lottery was quite a stroke of luck.
a stroke of genius/inspiration/brilliance: Using green as a background was a real stroke of genius.
a bold/master stroke: These plans are seen as a bold stroke by the local council.
3. ) a hit made with someone's hand, a stick, or another object:
With each stroke of the whip, the horse galloped faster.
a ) an instance of hitting the ball in some sports, or the way in which someone hits it:
He slammed the ball over the net with a powerful backhand stroke.
4. ) a style of swimming, or one complete movement of the arms and legs in swimming:
With powerful strokes she pulled ahead of the others.
a ) a style of rowing, or one complete movement of the OARS through the water
b ) a single complete movement of a bird's wings during flight
5. ) an instance of LIGHTNING hitting something:
The tree was split by a stroke of lightning.
6. ) one of the series of sounds some clocks make to mark the hour, or the time marked by this:
At the stroke of nine (=at exactly nine o'clock) the band began to play.
7. ) a single short line or mark made with a pen or brush:
a brush stroke
8. ) a gentle movement of your hand across skin, hair, or fur:
She gave the dog's head a stroke.
9. ) BRITISH SPOKEN a SLASH mark (/)
at a stroke/one stroke
with a single action that changes things completely:
They added 230 customers to their list at a stroke.
different strokes (for different folks) INFORMAL
used for saying that what is good or enjoyable for one person may not be so for someone else
not do a stroke of work INFORMAL
to do no work at all
put someone off their stroke BRITISH
to cause someone to stop what they are doing or make a mistake
with a/the stroke of a pen
used for emphasizing that something important is done by the simple act of signing a document:
With the stroke of a pen, the chairman had signed away the company.
stroke 2 [ strouk ] verb transitive **
1. ) to gently move your hand over skin, hair, or fur:
She stroked his hair as he gradually fell asleep.
2. ) to hit or kick a ball with a smooth movement
3. ) AMERICAN INFORMAL to say nice things to someone in order to make them feel better or to gain their support:
She'll need to be stroked if we're going to get her approval on the budget.

Usage of the words and phrases in modern English. 2013.

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